PayPal + Google Pay

Credit to Ember#1404 for the template.

Browser and Other Requirements

  • Use a Google Pay compatible browser: Chrome, Chromium, Opera, or Edge

  • This tutorial was made for people in the United States, this isn't guaranteed to work in countries that don't support Google Pay, PayPal, or Stripe.

Setting up Google Pay account

  • First make sure you are logged into your Google account, you can do so by clicking this icon in your browser.

  • Once you are signed in you can go to, If you haven't setup Google Pay before you'll see the page shown below, If you have setup Google Pay before, you can skip to adding a payment method

  • It will ask for bank card information, you can enter the fake information shown below.

  • The information doesn't have to be correct, it just needs to get a valid check from Google.

  • Once you have clicked "Save" you should get an error that looks like this,

Add PayPal as Payment Method

  • Once redirected you should be on this page,

  • Once there simply click "Add payment method" select PayPal and fill out the required information. Once that is done you are fully setup to pay Stripe Invoices with PayPal through Google Pay.

  • If Google Pay is enabled and you're on the right account you should see this button shown above on Stripe Invoices. Simply click that button and finish up the transaction.

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