Supreme Player Stats

Dependencies: Supreme Commons, Cost: $15.00 USD

The most customizable, and optimized Statistics plugin.

With the power of Supreme Player Stats you can create an unlimited amount of custom statistics to track. With built-in Async leaderboard calculations attached to every statistic, you can allow players to complete and hundreds of categories.

Features Included:

  • Hundreds of sub-statistics types

  • Built-in Async leaderboards calculations

  • Create your own unique leaderboards

  • Powerful Developer API

  • 100% configurable menus

Supported Team Systems:

  • Factions

    • Supreme Factions

    • Savage Factions

    • Saber Factions

    • Atlas Factions

    • FactionsUUID

  • Skyblock

    • Superior Skyblock 2

    • Iridium Skyblock

    • Galactic Skyblock

    • GoliathSkyblock

    • A-Skyblock (and forks)


Miner Picks require Vault & SupremeCommons to run. If you want to use Placeholders, you must have PlaceholderAPI installed. If you want to use any kind of claiming support, you need to use a supported plugin, listed above. If you want to use Heads in any menus you'll also need to install ProtocolLib.

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