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This is going to be a constantly updated wiki type of thing, if anyone has suggestions feel free to DM me with them! If they are useful I will be adding them

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Beta Testing

  1. Beta testing is always a must, nothing is worse for players then joining a server and seeing permissions missing, kits broken, voting not setup, etc.

  2. Test for at least a week with different groups of people. Don’t just test with only friends who may blow smoke up your ass, or only players that are planning on playing your server, some players may keep broken things to themselves so they can abuse them . You should try to get a mix of people in random groups and not just one group.

  3. As a owner of a server you should be beta testing every feature you have as you add it and every aspect of the server such as the economy before release. Having a broken eco where people end up getting 50k spawners and crashing your server isn’t a good idea.

  4. Test plugins/features that depend or interact with each other in order to function properly. For example, if you have a Obsidian Destroyer pickaxe that one taps obsidian or acts like a trench pickaxe test it in world guarded regions, other factions land, or other skyblock islands. Little checklist of straight forward things.

  • Test your crate rewards

  • Test your voting

  • Test your regions, for example, making sure players don’t lose hunger in spawn ( this is a problem on so many servers jesus christ )

  • Test ALL your ranks and ALL their permissions, make sure you are de-opped during this time of course.

  • Stress Test your server, whether it is with OQMinebot or spawning in 20k spawners, or shooting 3 auto cannons at once.

  • If you are a factions or cannoning server make sure your tnt is working correctly and able to break obsidian, and other blocks which should be patched and able to be broken such as enchantment tables, fences, etc.

  • If you have cactus enabled as part of the economy, spawn in as big of a cactus farm as you think players will be making. Some people don’t expect it but cactus farms can be VERY laggy, if you run cactus in your eco I strongly recommend getting CropHoppers and a spigot jar that has special events to make cactus less laggy which can be used in the CropHopper plugin such as BeerSpigot/StellarSpigot

  • ( More Added Soon )

Common Mistakes And Over-Sights

  1. Checking your world borders, this seems pretty obvious but I've seen countless servers miss checking this. When checking your world borders especially if you’re a factions server test whatever claiming system you have so the chunks line up.

  2. Filling your world, the most common way to do this is with this plugin which I’ve always used and many servers do. Plugin Link when using this plugin you can simply type /wb fill and it will pre-generate the world you specify or are standing in. The point of this is to reduce lag on launch and loading/generating chunks if you have a decent amount of players causes a LOT of lag.

  3. Checking for any interfering plugins, this one is quite simple make sure you aren’t running 2 Hoe plugins that break each other, 2 factions plugins that cause errors when saving on-top of one another etc.

  4. Making sure your spawn is in the correct location, get on an alt and make sure you actually join in the correct location, some people seem to forget about testing this on an alt.

  5. ( More Added Soon )

How To Be Safe During A Live Map

  1. This is more a personal opinion on my end, however I believe updating plugins after you are done beta testing or even near release is a bad idea. While you are setting up a server, you are perfecting and making sure everything runs smoothly. If you decide to however update PAPI or DeluxeMenus or anything of the sort EVEN IF there are no content updates or anything that should break a plugin there is still the chance it could. Risking your servers map and reputation for a small bug fix or a quality of life improvement is always there when you update a plugin while in a live map. The only time you should be doing this ( in my opinion ) is when you have thoroughly tested it on a test server, it is a fix for a dupe or something else major.

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