Supreme Hoes

Dependency: Supreme Commons, Cost: $30.00 USD

Highly Optimized,11 Unique Enchants, CaneTop, Captcha

A unique harvester hoe plugin, complete with CaneTop, CaneCaptcha, and 11 Enchants with unlimited levels! Sold for a reasonable price, unlike other similar plugins which have fewer features and cost over twice as much.

Features Included:

  • 100% Configurable Enchantments, Costs, Commands, and Chances.

  • Token Economy Built-in

    • Give, Take, and check the balance commands.

  • 11 Separate Enchantments

    • Token Booster (More Tokens From Cane)

    • Cane Booster (More Cane per Block)

    • Haste (Haste Effect)

    • Auto-Sell (Automatically sell cane to the shop)

    • Spawner Drop (Chance to receive spawners while farming)

    • Key Drop (Chance to receive keys while farming)

    • Sell Multiplier (Increase the value of cane sold with hoes)

    • Shockwave (Breaks a 2x2 area of cane)

    • EXPBurst (Chance to get a random amount of EXP)

    • Scavenger (Change to find random loot)

    • TokenBurst (Chance to get a random amount of tokens)

  • Built-in Cane Top System

    • Chat or GUI mode

    • PlaceholderAPI support

    • Async Recalculation

  • Built-in Cane Captcha System

    • Unbreakable captcha system to stop scripting.

    • Unicode Character captcha similar to PvPWars

Supported Plugins:

  • Factions

    • Supreme Factions

    • Savage Factions

    • Saber Factions

    • Atlas Factions

    • FactionsUUID

  • Skyblock

    • Superior Skyblock 2

    • Iridium Skyblock

    • Galactic Skyblock

    • GoliathSkyblock

    • A-Skyblock (and forks)


Hoes requires Vault, SupremeCommons, and a supported token system to run. If you want to use Placeholders, you must have PlaceholderAPI installed. If you want to use any kind of claiming support, you need to use a supported plugin, listed above. If you want to make a CaneTop hologram similar to the one seen on the test server, you will need Holographic Displays along with Holographic Displays Expansion. If you want to use Heads in any menus you'll also need to install ProtocolLib.

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