All placeholders require PlaceholderAPI, if you are looking to use these placeholders on Featherboard please use them like so, Featherboard uses MVDW PlaceholderAPI, so you have to use {placeholderapi_<placeholder without %%>} like {placeholderapi_hoes_tokens_current_long}

Supported PlaceholderAPI Version Here




Raw cane collected, long formatting.


Raw cane collected, short formatting.


Total cane collected, long formatting.


Total cane collected, long formatting.


Canetop position for the player.


Canetop position 1 name.


Canetop position 1 amount collected.

If you are wanting to use placeholders on holograms, you must use Holographic Displays Extension

All you do is add it to your plugins folder, and add {medium} in front of any lines you want placeholders on. For Example:

- '&f&l[&c&l!&f&l] &c&nCane Top Placements&f&l [&c&l!&f&l]' 

- ' ' 

- '{medium}&e&l#1 &c%hoes_canetop_placements::1-name% &fwith &a%hoes_canetop_placements::1-value% Cane' 

- '{medium}&6&l#2 &c%hoes_canetop_placements::2-name% &fwith &a%hoes_canetop_placements::2-value% Cane' 

- '{medium}&7&l#3 &c%hoes_canetop_placements::3-name% &fwith &a%hoes_canetop_placements::3-value% Cane' 

- '{medium}&f&l#4 &c%hoes_canetop_placements::4-name% &fwith &a%hoes_canetop_placements::4-value% Cane' 

- '{medium}&f&l#5 &c%hoes_canetop_placements::5-name% &fwith &a%hoes_canetop_placements::5-value% Cane' 

- ' ' 

- '{medium}&f&l[&c&l!&f&l] &cYou are position #%hoes_canetop_position% with %hoes_cane_raw_long% cane harvested'

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