Supreme Spawners

Dependency: Supreme Commons, Cost: $40.00 USD

Highly Optimized, Upgradable, Stackable Spawners

Never before seen spawners with the maximum amount of performance in mind. Fully configurable Speed and Mob Amount upgrades, completely Asynchronous with Spawner Stacking, Upgrades, optimized spawning algorithms, and much more.

Features Included:

  • Spawner Stacking / Upgrade Systems

  • Built-in mob & entity stacking

  • Async optimized spawner algorithms

  • Spawner location validation

  • Spawner statistics per-chunk, per-world, and global.

  • 100% configurable spawners (Mob spawn speeds, amounts, etc)

  • Built-in entity drop editor (custom drops)

  • Powerful developer API

Supported Team Systems:

  • Factions

    • Supreme Factions

    • Savage Factions

    • Saber Factions

    • Atlas Factions

    • FactionsUUID

  • Skyblock

    • Superior Skyblock 2

    • Iridium Skyblock

    • Galactic Skyblock

    • GoliathSkyblock

    • A-Skyblock (and forks)


Spawners requires Vault & SupremeCommons to run. If you want to use Placeholders, you must have PlaceholderAPI installed. If you want to use any kind of claiming support, you need to use a supported plugin, listed above. If you want to use Heads in any menus you'll also need to install ProtocolLib.

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