Supreme's internal Token provider & default token support for all plugins.

All placeholders require PlaceholderAPI, if you are looking to use these placeholders on Featherboard please use them like so, Featherboard uses MVDW PlaceholderAPI, so you have to use {placeholderapi_<placeholder without %%>} like {placeholderapi_tokens_current_long}

Supported PlaceholderAPI Version Here




Current tokens balance, long formatting.


Current tokens balance, short formatting.


Current tokens balance, default java formatting.


Total tokens collected, long formatting.


Total tokens collected, short formatting.


Total tokens collected, default java formatting.

Developer API (download in discord)

TPlayer tokenPlayer = TPlayers.get().getByPlayer(Player);

// Get current tokens
double getTokens();

// Add tokens
void addTokens(double delta);

// Take Tokens
void removeTokens(double delta);

// Set the players current tokens
void setTokens(double amount);

// Get the player from the TPlayer
OfflinePlayer getBukkitPlayer();

// set the total collected tokens value (mostly just for placeholders)
void setTotalCollectedTokens(double amount);

// Add to the total collected tokens (mostly just for placeholders)
void addTotalCollectedTokens(double delta);

// Removed tokens from the total collected value (mostly just for placeholders)
void removeTotalCollectedTokens(double delta);

// Get the total collected tokens of a player (mostly just for placeholders)
double getTotalCollectedTokens();

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