All placeholders require PlaceholderAPI, if you are looking to use these placeholders on Featherboard please use them like so, Featherboard uses MVDW PlaceholderAPI, so you have to use {placeholderapi<placeholder without %%>} like {placeholderapi_swords_kills_raw_long}

If you are wanting to use placeholders on holograms, you must use Holographic Displays Extension

All you do is add it to your plugins folder, and add {medium} in front of any lines you want placeholders on. For Example:

- '&f&l[&c&l!&f&l] &c&nMob Top Placements&f&l [&c&l!&f&l]' 

- ' ' 

- '{medium}&e&l#1 &c%swords_mobtop_placements::1-name% &fwith &a%swords_mobtop_placements::1-value% Kills' 

- '{medium}&6&l#2 &c%swords_mobtop_placements::2-name% &fwith &a%swords_mobtop_placements::2-value% Kills' 

- '{medium}&7&l#3 &c%swords_mobtop_placements::3-name% &fwith &a%swords_mobtop_placements::3-value% Kills' 

- '{medium}&f&l#4 &c%swords_mobtop_placements::4-name% &fwith &a%swords_mobtop_placements::4-value% Kills' 

- '{medium}&f&l#5 &c%swords_mobtop_placements::5-name% &fwith &a%swords_mobtop_placements::5-value% Kills' 

- ' ' 

- '{medium}&f&l[&c&l!&f&l] &cYou are position #%swords_mobtop_position% with %swords_kills_raw_long% Kills'

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