Supreme Printer

Dependencies: Supreme Commons, Cost: $15.00 USD

Highly Integrated, Secure, and Highly Optimized Creative Printer

Creative Printer Solution for Any Gamemode. Regular Printer mode Plugins require players to select blocks they want to print to have them in their inventory to allow Schematica to find them. Having players in Creative mode allows Schematica to find & select blocks automatically & improves printing speeds.

Features Included

  • 30 Anti-Dupe Checks including NMS/NBT Dupes & Modded Client Dupes

  • Command Whitelist while in printer.

  • Faction support to toggle printing players when enemies are near.

  • ShopGuiPlus Support with Shop Whitelist.

  • Inventory Cache so players can enter printer without having to clear their inventory

  • Optimized Economy Actions for optimal performance.

  • /toggleblock to allow players to toggle printing specific blocks (player requested feature)

  • Admin Tools like announcing when players are attempting to dupe

Supported Plugins

  • Factions

    • Supreme Factions

    • Savage Factions

    • Saber Factions

    • Atlas Factions

    • FactionsUUID

  • Skyblock

    • Superior Skyblock 2

    • Iridium Skyblock

    • Galactic Skyblock

    • GoliathSkyblock

    • A-Skyblock (and forks)

  • Spigots (direct integration)

    • Bestle Spigot (JamesSullivan)

    • WineSpigot

    • GemSpigot

    • StellarSpigot

    • Hyperion


Printer requires Vault and SupremeCommons to run. If you'd like a smoother and less glitchy printing experience, you may also require an integrated Spigot from above.

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