# List of shops.
  # ShopGUI+ Version >= 1.24.#
  # Shops must be located in the shops.yml file
  # ShopGUI+ Version <= 1.25.#
  # Shops must be located in shops/<shopname>.yml file
  - 'BuildingBlocks'
  - 'Decorations'
  - 'Farming&Ores'
  - 'Raiding&RedStone'
  # This is called when a player attempts to enter printer with an inventory open.
  # The only way to do this is with a client to execute commands with menus still opened.
    # Should punishments be enabled? (This doesn't effect the warning message)
    Enabled: true
    # Should we send warnings to all OP players online?
    Send-Warnings: true
    - 'kick {player} &cPlease don''t attempt to dupe <3'
  # This is called when a player attempts to place a container with NBT showing items in it.
  # The only way to do this is with a client that allows you to copy meta-data from items.
    # Should punishments be enabled? (This doesn't effect the warning message)
    Enabled: true
    # Should we send warnings to all OP players online?
    Send-Warnings: true
      - 'kick {player} &cPlease don''t attempt to dupe <3'
  # Enables extra console logging for debugging broken block names etc.
  DebugMode: false
  # Enables shop debugger mode (lots of spam)
  ShopDebugMode: false
  # Allow players to print blocks with custom metas. Always leave this false unless you know how to use it correctly.
  Allow-Print-CustomMeta: false
  # Material Types in this cannot be printed for any reason.

  # How long a player has after printing a block to break it.
  Block-Break-Timer: 30
  # How Often will printer take money, lower value = more lag. (Time in seconds)
  Process-Every: 5
  # How Oten will printer check for nearby players, lower values = more lag. Recommended 3 seconds.
  Check-Nearby-Player-Time: 2
  # How close before a player will toggle printer.
  Toggle-If-Player-In: 32
  # Toggle spammy messages.
    NoMoney: true
    Blacklisted: true
    NoPrice: true
    NoMeta: true
    NoOwnership: true
  # Only commands in this list can be executed in printer.
  - 'printer'
  - 'toggleblock'
  - '[inventory]'
  - '[item]'
  # This option changes nothing internally. The plugin saves all players
  # inventories internally (through restarts & logout/in) and restores them
  # when they toggle out of printer / leave claims.
  Require-Empty-Inventory: false
  # Should printer exempt players from NPC checks while in printer.
  Bypass-NCP: true
  # Should printer exempt players from AAC checks while in printer.
  Bypass-AAC: true
  # Commands to execute on player entering printer.
  # No `/` required.
  - example
  - broadcast {player} entered printer mode!
  # Commands to execute after a player exits printer.
  - # No `/` required.
  - example
  - broadcast {player} exited printer mode!
  EnterPrinter: '&aYou have successfully entered printer.'
    - ' '
    - ' &fYou can disable certain blocks from being printed'
    - ' &fby using &c&n/toggleblocks&f!'
    - ' '
    - ' &c&l[!]&f Schematica does not support creative mode'
    - ' &fyou may need to change some printer settings!'
    - ' '
    - ' &fPlease try this if you have issues:'
    - ' &c'
    - ' '
  ExitPrinter: '&cPrinter &8» &fYou have successfully exited printer.'
  NoFaction: '&cPrinter &8» &fYou must be in a faction to enter printer!'
  NoPrice: '&cPrinter &8» &fNo price set for this block!'
  NoMoney: '&cPrinter &8» &fYou don''t have enough money to continue!'
  NoMeta: '&cPrinter &8» &fYou can''t printer items with custom meta!'
  Blacklisted-Item: '&cPrinter &8» &fYou can''t print this item!'
  Purchase: '&cPrinter &8» &fYou printed &c&n{blocks}&f blocks in the last 10 seconds worth &c${value}&f!'
  Blocked-Break: '&cPrinter &8» &fYou cannot break blocks in printer!'
  Blocked-Command: '&cPrinter &8» &fYou cannot use this command in printer!'
  Blocked-Faction: '&cPrinter &8» &fYou cannot print here, you don''t own it!'
  Blocked-LeftClaim: '&cPrinter &8» &fYou left your factions claims, you can not longer print!'
  Blocked-EnemyInRange: '&cPrinter &8» &fYou were forced out of printer as an &cenemy&f is nearby!'
  NoInventory: '&cPrinter &8» &fYou cannot open inventories in printer!'
  NoDrop: '&cPrinter &8» &fYou cannot drop items in printer!'
  GamemodeChange: '&cPrinter &8» &fYour gamemode was updated and you were forced out of printer!'
  WorldChange: '&cPrinter &8» &fYou changed worlds forcing you out of printer!'
  NoMiddleClick: '&cPrinter &8» &fYou cannot middle-click items in printer!'
  AddedToggledBlock: '&cPrinter &8» &fAdded &c{type} &fto blacklisted printer blocks.'
  RemovedToggledBlock: '&cPrinter &8» &fRemoved &c{type} &ffrom printer blacklist.'
  MustBeInPrinter: '&cPrinter &8» &fYou must be in printer to do this!'
  PlayerNotFound: '&cPrinter &8» &fCould not find player with that name!'
  PlayerNotOnline: '&cPrinter &8» &fTarget is not online!'
  PlayerForcedOff-Admin: '&cPrinter &8» &c{player} &fwas forced out of printer!'
  PlayerForceOn-Admin: '&cPrinter &8» &c{player} &fwas forced into printer!'
  PlayerForcedOff-Player: '&cPrinter &8» &fYou were forced out of printer by an admin!'
  PlayerForceOn-Player: '&cPrinter &8» &fYou were forced into printer by an admin!'
  PlayerNotInPrinter: '&cPrinter &8» &fTarget is not in printer mode!'
  PlayerAlreadyInPrinter: '&cPrinter &8» &fTarget is already in printer!'
  InventoryNotEmpty: '&cPrinter &8» &fYou must empty your inventory before entering printer mode.'
  Printer-Enter-Cancel: '&cPrinter &8» &fEntering printer was blocked. Please try again later.'
# DO NOT UPDATE THIS. The plugin will change this when the plugin updates & we add new config values.
version: 3

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