How to install & setup Supreme products

Due to the java obfuscation used on our products, all jars downloaded from SupremeDev will only function/load on Linux OS machines. No exception will be made to this requirement.

ALL shared hosts (like PebbleHost) support this.

Product Installation

  • Download your product(s) via the download system in our Discord.

  • Check the dependencies of the product(s) you wish to use.

  • Add jar(s) to ../Plugins/ directory on your server.

  • Attempt to load your server

  • Once the server has loaded & crashed, you will see a message in the console from whichever plugin loaded first. This message will include the name of the plugin which loaded first.

  • Navigate to ../Plugins/<Plugin-Name>/license.txt

  • Add your license key to the license.txt file before saving it.

  • Attempt to start your server again.

  • The server should crash again after replacing your license.txt with a new key.license file.

  • Repeat this process for all plugins you wish to install.

Common Installation Problems

My server keeps crashing...

This is most likely because you didn't save your license key properly. At the bottom of your latest.log you should find some info about the crash. Most plugins will say why they aren't loading correclty.

I put my license in and it still won't load...

Check the last line of your latest.log most of the time it's the server restarting itself to validate the key after its first creation. If after another restart you still can't load, there may be something wrong with your licenses or the jars themselves. You should open a ticket in our discord to allow our team to debug the problem for you.

I just put my license in and I get an error code...

We have very strict licensing rules compared to a lot of other development groups. This is for good reason. 99% of the time, your issues can be resolved by our staff in minutes by simply opening a ticket in our Discord. But that info isn't publicly shared to stop people from debugging and backtracking our licensing methods.

Please keep in mind ALL Supreme plugins depend on our Commons Library. You will be sent a license for SupremeCommons upon purchase of any plugin. Downloads for SupremeCommons can be found in our Discord in the "Libraries" tab under #downloads

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