Supreme Meteors

Dependencies: Supreme Commons, Cost: $20.00 USD

Super Efficient & Visually Pleasing

With one of the most unique meteors animated ever created, Supreme Meteors is sure to amaze you and your players. The best part is that the animation is only one part of the amazing features on Supreme Meteors. We also include a full loot system, crash effects, and much more.

Features Included

  • Unlimited Meteor strikes & strike locations

  • Automatic meteor shower scheduling

  • Customizable Meteor Loot

  • Meteor Rocks (basically a voucher)

Supported Plugins

  • Factions

    • Saber Factions

    • Savage Factions

    • Supreme Factions

    • FactionsUUID

  • Skyblock

    • Superior Skyblock 2

    • Iridium Skyblock

    • A-Skyblock (and forks)

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