Supreme Factions

Dependency: Supreme Commons, Cost: $90.00 USD

Feature Rich, Super Optimized Factions Solution

Tired of public Factions Plugins that are constantly updating without proper beta testing and always compromise performance for ease. So were we, so we decided to create a top of of the line Factions plugin with all the latest features, with performance being our core value.

Features Included:

  • Faction Shields & Base Regions

  • Raid Timers & Raiding Grace

  • Optimized Claiming & Better Chat Messages

  • Factions Strike System with Discord Integration

  • Faction Socials System (Discord, PayPal etc)

  • Built-in Fortified Walls

  • 30+ Anti-Glitch & Anti-Abuse checks

  • Factions Rosters

  • Faction Perks

  • Faction Upgrades

  • Async Factions Fly

  • Optimized Claiming & Better claim messages.

  • Built-in automatic Grace period

  • Faction Warps

  • Faction Corners Menus

  • Faction Drain

  • Async TNT Fill & UnFill

  • Faction Alts System

  • Factions Friendly Fire

  • Factions Inspect

  • Faction Mute (Mute an entire faction)

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