All placeholders require PlaceholderAPI to be used on your server.
New PlaceHolderAPI versions are mangled, make sure you are using Version 2.10.2 or below, any newer versions are broken.
Our Custom Placeholders require placeholderapi_ infront of them if you’re using it on a FeatherBoard etc, so it would look like this. If any other placeholders don’t work try adding placeholderapi_ in front of it as well. {factionsuuid_faction_discord_set}{placeholderapi_factionsuuid_faction_discord_set}

SupremeFactions Custom Placeholders

Is Faction Discord Set
Is Faction PayPal Set
Number of Faction Strikes a Faction Has
Faction Grace Time Remaining
Faction Grace Time Remaining Formatted (1h 22m Left)
Long value for time remaining (Seconds)
"&a&lProtected" : "&c&lUnProtected"
`Shield Not Set` or `Shielded From 1 -> 12`
Ending hour of shield
Starting hour of shield
true/false of shield status
Name of the faction leader

SupremeFactions Config Placeholders

List of allied factions
List of online faction members
List of enemied factions
List of truced factions
List of offline faction members
List of all faction alts
List of offline faction alts
List of online faction alts
Hoverable F-Strike information in /f show
Player’s group
Last time player was seen
Player’s balance
Player’s power
Player’s maximum power
Player’s all time kills
Player’s all time deaths
Faction Home’s x coordinate
Faction Home’s y coordinate
Faction Home’s z coordinate

FactionsUUID Placeholders

The relation between the 2 players
Color of the relation between the 2 players
The player's name
Last time the player was seen on the server or their online status
Player's permission group
Player's money
Player's power
Max power a player can have
Kills by this player
Deaths by this player
Player's faction role
Player's faction role's name
Faction's tag
Faction's current power
Faction's max power
Faction's long description
Number of claimed chunks
Max Number of claimable chunks
Date your faction was founded